Please help support our project. We want to continue our work helping the children of Erenjang nursery through their earliest and most important years of education. We can’t do this without your support. 100% of donations go to our project. You can either donate via or direct bank transfer.

Make A Personal Donation

Business Donation

Donate Goods

How much can you afford to change the lives of so many children not just now but for all future pupils of Erenjang nursery?
No matter how big or small, your donation can make the biggest difference to their lives. It costs £75 to put a child through education for a year. What can you sacrifice to give to those who have so little? Your donation will go towards developing a brand new environment that the children of Erenjang can learn, grow and play in.

Business donations are an amazing way of helping us reach our target faster. Pulling together donations through work, raising funds your self through sponsorships (running a marathon, office cake sale) or donating a sum as a company are all ways of saving helping us reach our target.
We are happy to personally mention any large business donations throughout our campaigning, bringing light to your generosity.

Are you an individual or organisation that can donate goods ? We are looking for school equipment such as TVs, DVD players, school equipment, ceiling fans and sports equipment to give to Erenjang nursery school. These items will improve the quality of learning and massively improve the very little resource the school has. Get in touch with us at to talk about donating goods.