About Us

Hannah Carrington

Hannah’s connections with The Gambia began 7 years ago when she became a part of an African drumming group and travelled to Koto to further her understanding of the Djembe. After seeing the poor conditions families lived in, Hannah volunteered to sponsor a child. Hannah has now been sponsoring Lamin for 7 years. She has visited the Gambia 5 times, staying with the same families in the local community. She considers the place her second home. Her sponsor child Lamin, attended Erenjang nursery school until the age of 7. He is now in his final year of junior school. Without sponsorship help, children’s families often struggle to pay school fees and the cost of uniform, books, bags and school dinners.

Hannah lives in Manchester England with her partner and 1 year old son Casper, she works as a teaching assistant and is training to be a fully qualified primary school teacher.

Madeleine Penfold

Madeleine has visited the Gambia twice and was introduced to Kotu through Hannah. On her first visit to Kotu, Madeleine met a 5-year-old girl named Fatima, whose family struggled to pay her education fees. Over whelmed by the kindness, generosity and warmth from a community who had so little, Madeleine volunteered to be Fatima’s sponsor. She has now sponsored Fatima to attend Erenjang nursery for the past 3 years. On her second visit to The Gambia, Madeleine’s mission was to find a way of helping those in need. She visited Erenjang nursery school and after in depth discussion with the headmaster, herself and Hannah started the Erenjang project.

In her hometown of Manchester, Madeleine works as a photographer and studio manager at Foundry Film Studios.